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The Spirit Ranch Sessions


Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters


Yeah I gotta walk I gotta do what feels right Yeah I gotta Walk Gotta wander till I die Well yes it sounds absurd to you but I’ll be a better man by the time I’m through I gotta walk Yeah I gotta drive These Canadian highways through Yeah I gotta drive Watch the cities pass me by Now yes I fell in love with you but I still gotta go I need something new I gotta walk Well this itch crazy feelings got me stirring in side When I see you on that stage I watch my heart flutter by Well I know that you are leaving I know you can’t stay But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy each others company 24 weeks on down the road I’ll see you again but for now I know You gotta walk Yeah I gotta walk I’m done with suffering and strife Yeah I gotta walk Right back into your life Well Sixteen shots of whiskey ago I think I realized but now I know You gotta walk