On March 25th 2012 I was part of a very special show in NYC. Berry Oakley's Jive Ass Review with the Rowdy Roadies and the Shady Ladies LIVE at the famous Iridium Jazz Club, frequented by the amazing Les Paul himself! I was a Shady Lady muhaaa! The wonderful reps at GIBSON NYC Jim Felber and Mike Mullin were nice enough to share some tremendous gear with us. One story that they shared with me, about a particular piece of gear, brought out the uber fan in me. I was in need of a Mandolin for the showcase so they were going to hook me up with a very VERY special one indeed! They said when Bob Dylan....yes THE BOB DYLAN... comes to town they usually lend him this particular Mandolin. Him and only him. Until now!!! They decided to also loan me this very same Mandolin for this very special night! It sang like no other I've ever played! I could feel Bob's MOJO on it! So there is my Bob Dylan Mandolin story, which I'm very happy to share with all of you wonderful folk!


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