Diana Catherine - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Mandolin,Leader of the Pack

Getting a little personal with Diana Catherine - Singer/Songwriter, Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica. 


Diana Catherine is known across North America as a captivating live performer with cutting intensity. Her powerful and soulful vocals have impressed even the likes of Bonnie Bramlett. From fronting bands like Left of the Sun and Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters to her own acclaimed solo career, she has definitely made a mark on the music scene.

Over the last 10+ years Diana has entertained people across Canada, the USA and Europe. She has graced every type of stage from coffee shops to large festivals. “I love to play my songs to anyone interested in connecting to the human experience” she explains, “I write from the heart and the feedback from my fans has been a great inspiration to me. I write about real life and people can connect to that in their own way.” 

With much acclaim and awards for her writing under her belt Diana is pleased to bring you her 5th studio release and best album to date. “I’m really excited about these songs and the tremendous talent that accompanied me on this album”. Connecting with Grammy Award winning producer, Bud Snyder, for the second time, she went back to the Spirit Ranch Studios in Sarasota, FL to record Gossip in the Devils Radio. Notable musicians such as Pedro Arevalo, Damon Fowler, Berry Duane Oakley and the late “Dangerous” Dan Toler to name a few add their expertise to the 12 tracks that make up this start studded album.

As of late she has been playing, writing and raising a family with her husband Berry Duane Oakley in their home state of Florida where they live with their 4 children. “I’ve taken some time off from music to raise my son Declan and my 3 step children” Says Diana. “Recording this album while pregnant was a crazy experience, feeling my son kick while tracking vocals and guitar was like having two producers tell you what to do” She jests,  “But I’m ready to hit the ground running with this new album and I can’t wait to get back out there”.



Diana Catherine and the Thrusty Tweeters - What the hell is a Thrusty Tweeter anway?

Definition: Thrusty – To have Attitude, Confidence and Swagger.

“They may well be contenders for the title of Canada's hardest working party band. True road dogs they are” Barbara Bruederlin-Bad Tempered Zombie. With a live show that will leave you wanting more, they have been known to steal hearts with their ballsy bluesy sound. An eclictic mix of tunes best described as Americana, these Tweeters will Thrust their way into your heart. Comprised of Drummer Mike Fender, Guitarist Kevin Robinson, Bassist Mark Wilson (with occasional members Berry Oakley, Jeff Arevalo, Garrett Dawson and Mike Kach) and lead by the cutting intensity of Diana Catherine. What they create together inspires a journey that's both soul-stirring and exhilarating. Accompanied by confident vocals, splashes of harmonica, tight rhythm and tasty guitar, the Tweeters provide you a countrified jaunt. These are fetching songs evoking the spirit of the heartland.

Diana paired with her boys in late 2008. They have played many live shows including various summer festivals such as Arts |Wells, Music on the Mountain, Come Together and the Mariposa after party. They have had successful tours across Canada and the southern United States, Including a Canadian Showcase in Nashville, TN where Diana and Matt accompanied the great Colin Linden, Linda McRae and Andrea Ramolo (name a few) for a great night of music at 3rd and Lindsley.  “We are very much a travelin’ band, we love to tour and meet new people. It’s my favourite part of being a musician, the ability to meet so many great people all over the continent and one day the world” explains Diana. But in between travels they continue to grow their fan base in the place they call home, Toronto.

Diana and the Tweeters traveled down to Sarasota, Florida to record their first album The Spirit Ranch Sessions, with Bud Snyder, studio experienced engineer/ producer who has worked with such legendary greats as Tom Dowd. Producer/Engineer Credits Include The Allman Brothers, Greg Allman, Dickey Betts, Warren Haynes, Gov’t Mule, Jeff Buckley, Derek Trucks and the list goes on. They will be returning to the Ranch in January 2012 to record their second album. The band is currently in pre production, the album will see the return of Producer Bud Snyder. “ It’s gonna be bigger and better” Says Diana. “We are excited to work with Bud again and have lots of plans in the works with a little something sweet up our sleeve.”

Notable achievements include being featured on CBC's Fresh Air with Mark Rheaume in 2009 and chosen as #5 of Marks TOP 8 Ontario Bands of 2009. They were Editor’s Pick of 2010 in RivetingRiffs.com, calling us a band "we feel will make a big splash on the music scene" in 2010. World Vision Canada has dubbed us Official Artist Ambassadors. They were selected to showcase their talents this year at CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK 2010 and Toronto Exclusive Magazine awarded them best AC Album 2010. 2011 saw the band through a very successful American tour, they will be in pre production for their highly anticipated second release through 2011.

Bios for most active band members

Berry Duane Oakley - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Guitar, Drums

Berry is the son of the founding bass player of the Allman Brothers Band, Raymond Berry Oakley.
Growing up in Los Angeles with his step dad ,“Dad” Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), and his mother, Julia, he clearly inherited the gift and love of music trough his extended family’s vast community of creative music talent.

Oakley has worked with countless musicians, artists, producers and song writers over the years.  He's toured with several bands, including his godfather, Robby Krieger (of the Doors) band, "RKB" from 1991-2000. In 1992 Berry joined Bloodline. Bloodline's line-up included Berry Oakley, Waylon Krieger, Lou Segreti, Joe Bonamassa and Erin Davis (son of Miles Davis). Releasing their self-titled CD for EMI Records produced by Joe Hardy (ZZ Top, Jeff Healey) Bloodline toured the US extensively with the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tesla, ZZ Top, Bad Company, Bob Dylan, Collective Soul, Eddie Money, Foreigner, Robby Krieger, Ian Moore, B.B. King, and more. They also appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brian, as well as many other talk shows and programs.

In 2000, Berry joined Blue Floyd, a jam band whose goal was to take Pink Floyd's music back to its blues roots. With top artists like Marc Ford (Black Crowes), Matt Abts (Gov't Mule), Johnny Neel (Allman Brothers) & Allen Woody (Gov't Mule), and later Audley Freed (Cry of Love, Black Crowes), Jeff Pevar (Crosby Stills & Nash), & Alvin Youngblood Heart. Blue Floyd has backed such greats as Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Steve Cropper, Buddy Miles, and many others as they toured extensively through the US & Europe.

Since 2002 Berry has played bass for his Step-Dad Chuck Negron’s Band. Chuck is the original hit-making vocalist behind such Three Dog Night hits as “Joy to the World” and “One is the loneliest number.” “Dad” Chuck and “son” Berry continue on the road today and can be found playing coast to coast. Negron.com

Since 2007 Berry has been living in Sarasota Florida, playing with numbers or wonderful bands and musicians such as Dan Toler, Al Fuller, the Arevalo's, Pedro, Pete & Jefe, Thorson Moore, Jimmie Faddin (Nitty gritty dirt band), Dicky Betts & son Duane, Tony Tyler and many more wonderful musicians in the area building his chops and learning along the way.

Besides local gigs in the Sarasota area and guest gigs with extended Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule & Dickey Betts Greater Southern family bands, Berry can currently be seen out on the road as part of his step-dad’s band. CNB Chuck Negron Band. And now Berry is happy to join the ever growing Thrusty Tweeters Clan. A new web site will be up and running shortly Berryoakley.net 

Kevin Robinson - Guitars, Sweet Harmonies, Physics Professor

Kevin Robinson – Lead Guitar, Sweet Harmonies physics professor

Automatic Kevin Robinson! Why Automatic? Well, when you ask Kev to write a part to a song he automatically has a KILLER riff for you. Thanks Why!  He is the most cool, calm and collected highway driver of all time, just avoid being in the car if he gets stuck behind a slow driver (not pretty).  Kev almost always has his nose in a book or a guitar in his hand, unless he’s sleeping.  He enjoys cuddling with Mark when on the road(he claims he pretends it’s Jaime, his fiancé, but we all know the truth). The constant philosopher, Kevin is known to start some of the best thought provoking conversations at 3am while drinking Vodka from a broken bottle. Born and raised in Bracebridge ON, now he calls Toronto home. If you want a Dragon Boat course installed Kev is yer guy.

Mark Wilson - Bass, Sweet Harmonies, flip cup champion

Mark Wilson- Bass, Sweet Harmonies

Marty Big Ears, otherwise known as Mark Wilson, has an unearthly passion for quesadillas, pop music and Pokemon on gameboy colour.  You can usually find Mark downing an energy drink, tweeting (on his phone), playing a Jaco lick and quoting The Simpsons...all at the same time. He’s the young blood , the firecracker and one hell of a poker player.  Mark grew up in Niagara Falls, ON but now calls Toronto home.  He is enrolled at Humber College in the illustrious Jazz program and has plans to graduate...at some point.  Mark likes to cuddle and we often find him nuzzled up to Kev in bed.  One day Mark would like pack his bags and move to LA but for now will settle for the back of seat of our Chevy ADventrure.  Don’t even try to battle him at flip cup, you will lose.

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